WordPress PHPの動作環境 PHP推奨 MySQL
4.8系 5.2.4~7.1 7以上 5.6以上
5.6系 5.6.2~8.0 7.4以上 5.6以上
5.9系 5.6.2~8.2 7.4以上 5.7以上
6.3系 7.0~8.2 7.4以上 5.7以上

(1)WordPress4.9の特長(リリース日:November 15, 2017)
1)Customizer Workflow Improved
〇Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations
〇Collaborate with Design Preview Links
〇Design Locking To Guard Your Changes
〇A Prompt to Protect Your Work
2)Coding Enhancements
〇Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking? Yes, Please!
〇Sandbox for Safety
〇Warning, Potential Danger Ahead!
3)Even More Widget Updates
〇The New Gallery Widget
〇Press a Button, Add Media
〇Shortcodes in Text Widget
4)Site Building Improvements
〇More Reliable Theme Switching
〇Better Menu Instructions = Less Confusion
5)Developer Happiness
〇Customizer JS API Improvements
〇MediaElement.js upgraded to 4.2.6
〇CodeMirror available for use in your themes and plugins
〇Improvements to Roles and Capabilities
6)The Finer Points
〇Singular capabilities for activating and deactivating individual plugins
〇Sandbox PHP file edits in both plugins and themes, without auto-deactivation when an error occurs
〇Addition of dirty state for widgets on the Administration Screen

(1)WordPress5.0の新機能(リリース日:December 6, 2018)
1)New Block Editor
2)New Default Theme: Twenty Nineteen
(2)WordPress5.1の新機能(リリース日:February 21, 2019)
1)Site Health
2)Editor Performance
3)Developer Happiness
〇Multisite Metadata
〇Cron API
〇New JS Build Processes
(3)WordPress5.2の新機能(リリース日:May 7, 2019)
1)Site Health Check
2)PHP Error Protection
〇”white screen of death”(死のホワイトスクリーン)回避、リカバリーモード
・”white screen of death”:プラグインやテーマに不具合があると、Fatal Errorが発生してサイト全体が真っ白になってしまう。
3)Improvements for Everyone
〇Accessibility Updates
〇New Dashboard Icon
〇Plugin Compatibility Checks
4)Developer Happiness
〇PHP Version Bump
・The minimum supported PHP version is now 5.6.20
〇Privacy Updates
〇New Body Tag Hook
〇Building JavaScript

(1)WordPress5.3の新機能(リリース日:November 12, 2019)
1)Block Editor Improvements
2)Expanded Design Flexibility
3)Introducing Twenty Twenty
4)Improvements for Everyone
〇Automatic Image Rotation
〇Site Health Checks
〇Admin Email Verification
5)For Developers
〇Date/Time Component Fixes
〇PHP 7.4 Compatibility
(2)WordPress5.4の新機能(リリース日:March 31, 2020)
1)Two new blocks. And better blocks overall
2)Cleaner UI, clearer navigation and easier tabbing
3)Privacy changes
4)Developers focused changes
〇Add custom fields to menu itemsーnatively
5)Blocks! Simpler styling, new APIs and embeds
(3)WordPress5.5の新機能(リリース日:August 11, 2020)
・Posts and pages feel faster, thanks to lazy-loaded images
・by default, WordPress 5.5 includes an XML sitemap that helps search engines discover your most important pages
〇Auto-updates for Plugins and Themes
〇Update by uploading ZIP files
4)Highlights from the block editor
〇Block patterns
〇Inline image editing
〇The New Block Directory
5)For developers
〇Server-side registered blocks in the REST API
〇Defining environments
〇Passing data to template files

(1)WordPress5.6の新機能(リリース日:December 8, 2020)
1)Sharing your stories has never been easier
〇Greater layout flexibility
〇More block patterns
〇Better video captioning
2)Twenty Twenty-One is here!
3)Improvements for everyone
〇Expanding auto-updates
〇Accessibility Statement
〇Built-in Patterns
4)For Developers
〇REST API authentication with Application Passwords
〇More PHP 8 support
〇jQuery update
(2)WordPress5.7の新機能(リリース日:March 9, 2021)
1)Block Editor changes
〇Font-size adjustment in more places
〇Reusable blocks
〇Full-height alignment
〇Buttons block
〇Social Icons block
2)WP Admin: A new color palette
3)From HTTP to HTTPS in a single click
4)New Robots API
5)Ongoing cleanup after update to jQuery 3.5.1
6)Lazy-load your iframes
(3)WordPress5.8の新機能(リリース日:July 20, 2021)
1)Manage Widgets with Blocks
2)Display Posts with New Blocks and Patterns
3)Edit the Templates Around Posts
4)Overview of the Page Structure
5)Suggested Patterns for Blocks
6)Style and Colorize Images
8)Dropping support for IE11
9)Adding support for WebP
10)Adding Additional Block Supports

(1)WordPress5.9の新機能(リリース日:January 25, 2022)
1)Full site editing is here
2)Say hello to Twenty Twenty-Two
3)Your personal paintbox awaits
4)The Navigation block
5)Better block controls
6)The power of patterns
7)A revamped List View
8)A better Gallery block
9)WordPress 5.9 for developers
〇Theme.json for child themes
〇Block-level locking
〇Multiple stylesheets in a block
〇A refactored Gallery Block
(2)WordPress6.0の新機能(リリース日:May 24, 2022)
1)Enhanced Writing Experience
2)Style Switching
3)More Template Choices
4)Integrated Patterns
5)Additional Design Tools
6)Better List View
7)Block Locking Controls
8)Improved Performance in WordPress 6.0
9)Enhancing WordPress 6.0 Accessibility
(3)WordPress6.1の新機能(リリース日:November 1, 2022)
1)Twenty Twenty-Three:A fresh default theme with 10 distinct style variations
2)New templates for an improved creator experience
3)Design tools for more consistency and control
4)Manage menus with ease
5)Cleaner layouts and document settings visualization
6)One-click lock setting for all inner blocks
7)Improved block placeholders
8)Compose richer lists and quotes with inner blocks
9)More Responsive text with fluid typography
10)Add starter patterns to any post type
11)Find block themes faster
12)Keep your Site Editor settings for later
13)A streamlined style system
14)Updated interface options and features
15)Continued evolution of layout options
16)Block Template parts in classic themes
17)Expanded support for Query Loop blocks
18)Filters for all your styles
19)Spacing presets for faster, consistent design
20)Content-only editing support for container blocks
21)Enhancing WordPress 6.1 accessibility
22)Improved performance in WordPress 6.1

(1)WordPress6.2の新機能(リリース日:March 29, 2023)
1)Meet the reimagined Site Editor
2)Manage your menu in more ways with the Navigation block
3)Discover a smoother experience for the Block Inserter
4)Find the controls you want when you need them
5)Build faster with headers and footers for block themes
6)Explore Openverse media right from the Editor
7)Focus on writing with Distraction Free mode
8)Experience the Site Editor, now out of beta
9)Meet the new Style Book
10)Copy and paste styles
11)Custom CSS
12)Sticky positioning
13)Importing widgets
14)Local fonts in themes
(2)WordPress6.3の新機能(リリース日:August 8, 2023)
1)Do everything in the Site Editor
2)Preview Block themes
3)Create and sync patterns
4)Work faster with the Command Palette
5)Sharpen your designs with new tools
6)Track design changes with Style revisions
7)Annotate with the Footnotes block
8)Show or hide content with the Details block
9)Performance gets a boost
10)Accessibility remains a core focus
11)Other highlights
〇Set aspect ratio on images
〇Build your site distraction-free
〇Rediscover the Top Toolbar
〇List View improvements
〇Build templates with Patterns
(3)WordPress6.4の新機能(リリース日:November 7, 2023)
1)Meet Twenty Twenty-Four
2)Let your writing flow
3)The Command Palette just got better
4)Categorize and filter patterns
5)Get creative with more design tools
6)Make your images stand out
7)Rename Group blocks
8)Preview images in List View
9)Share patterns across sites
10)Introducing Block Hooks
11)Performance wins
12)Accessibility highlights
13)Other notes of interest
・PHP 8.1 or 8.2 are recommended for use with WordPress 6.4.
・WordPress 6.4 disables attachment pages for new installations.



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